the redeemer.

by aea aka the fake cow

im failing like ive failed a thousand times before
feels like im turning, when im right at the door
too busy trying to be someone that im not
lost all i had, cant find what i sought

they say live your life like your dying tomorrow,
make the most of this breath that we're given to borrow,
but how can i live when all i feel is sorrow,
there's a hole in my heart, and it feels so hollow.

is there salvation for the prodigal son
is there a place where he can hide and run
roam free without bounds on his feet
feel the air in his lungs, and a heart that beats!

the past is gone what's done is done,
i never saw the signs, too busy having fun,
and now ive find myself on the run,
in a race against time,where i lost and he won.

there's no use looking back and hope to rewind,
we must march on and try not to be blind,
keep strong and weary eyed, you'll see the signs,
and carry forth all the things that were left behind.

the moon and sun they will always shine,
until the end of days of all mankind,
its never late to turn back and be,
the very best of a man you can be.

because i believe in salvation of the prodigal son,
there is a place where he will never have to hide or run,
the truth will come it's just a matter of time,
and in the hearts of men it forever will shine.