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i have a silent dream.so silent i dont know if it will ever come true.this dream is like an icberg inside of me.i can only feel the tip, but i dont know how to start from the bottom.its like a volcano inside of me.sitting silently.motionless.so subtle no one can feel it.waiting to explode.its like dream in a dream.where you dream of waking up from a dream only to wake up again feeling sick and confused and scared.and you realize its just a dream.but i dont want this dream to be forever silent.i want to give a voice to it.so it can speak.i want to give legs and bones to it.so it can run and walk and climb.in the end,i guess it is all up to me.and a matter of time.waiting for the last day of magic.

arctic monkeys
the libertines
the strokes
guns and roses
steve vai
yngwie malmsteen
franz ferdinand
bloc party
mitch albom
stephen king
vernon god little

and last but not least, a word of wisdom from the wisdomless, ''the more you read the smarter you are going to be my friends.read books.good looks.fish hook.''

in the end love prevails.

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nadhirah mohd shakri said...

huhu...cayalah acap kecaaap~!!..slamat jd org hebat =)