wahai blog. aku takde idea. tandus. (some random thoughts)

if life is supposed to be a box of chocolate. are we the box or are we the chocolate?
im not making sense. sense. what is sense? can anyone define it?
in this world, who defines right or wrong? who draws the line between good and evil? what does it take for someone to be labeled good or bad? his actions? and what or who or how our actions can labeled as bad or good? God makes the rules. and we as humans his creations must follow. if we don't we shall perish in our own man-made rules.

sometimes when im bored and lonely in my room.when theres no school.nothing to do.i would just pick up my guitar and practice.and think of phrases and words.and make them into songs.but i never write them down.out of laziness i think.or maybe im just not good enough.

dreams.some say dreams give you wings.it will make you fly.i dream a lot.but i never tasted the joy of flight.i cant see no wings on my shoulder.i wonder why?

destiny? do you believe in destiny? that everything is pre-determined in book somewhere in heavens? like when walk the streets at the place that im currently in.i see beggars.children, poor people sleeping on the streets. is it their destiny to be born in poverty? those poor little children. and what am i doing here? i was born in a well fed family. have i the right to be born like this? i pray to god that these people will not suffer anymore. that someday something could be done to change the world. i pray that i will live to see that day. where we all humans have equal opportunity to change our destiny and be what we want to be.

to all tyrants, opposers, corrupters, dictators who steals and suck the blood dry out of your people. i pray you burn in hell. and i pray you will see the day when you fall on your knees and you will feel the pain you have caused. the rights you have violated. your crimes. i pray that you will see them flash in front of your eyes. and it will be too late for you to repent. i believe the truth will speak for itself someday. as long as there are people who believe in it.

these are some really random thoughts of a dreamer. just a pawn in a game of chess called life. every move i make now determines my future. every choice, every word, every sin will find me in the future. i just hope i am strong enough for whatever comes, good or bad. in the meantime all we can do is work to improve ourselves. keep chasing the rainbow.keep chasing the dream. don't stop. never stop.

to dreamers and lovers.

in the end, love prevails.


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and this makes sense.
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