fiction : epilogue : frictionless

friction. and it suddenly pops into my head. what is friction? without it birds wont fly, cars wont go and nor will it stop. trees wont grow, fast things will never go slow, shoes wont die, kids will never cry. and if you look carefully, you'll find that friction is what made us what we are today. friction is the sole reason that we exist. when two strangers collided and the friction that caused made us what we are. friction is love. and friction is hate. friction is a form of energy. and love is energy.without friction we are ghosts. wandering aimlessly in limbo.

but there she is. like poetry. like a tornado. like an orchestra of fishes dancing in the sea. you know what i mean right? in those tv shows, where they show those sea critters floating around, damn thats pretty awesome right? and thats how i feel each time i see her. its like you cant stop watching her. you try to resist the temptation but you cant. its like eating ice cream on a blazing summer afternoon when your on a freaking diet. its that good.

anyways, thats just me. i dont know if you ever felt what i felt. im not really good with words. i treat my words like its worth a million bucks per syllable. i dont know why. part of it maybe comes from my old man.

..in utero..

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