blog aku ade lagu! yea!

ni ha playlist aku, kickin' it old school, 60's,70's,80's rock n' roll,, yeah!

1. walkin' on sunshine by katrina and the waves
2. a well respected man by the kinks
3. lola by the kinks
4. you really got me by the kinks
5. wish you were here by pink floyd (this song's like a drug, i go high!)
6. i get around by the beach boys
7. wouldn't it be nice by the beach boys
8. god only knows by the beach boys
9. the seeker by the who
10. behind blue eyes by the who (the who yang buat lagu ni bukan limp bizkit ye, limp bizkit cover je)
11. brown sugar by the rolling stones
12. honky tonk by the rolling stones
13. yesterday by the beatles
14. yellow submarine by the beatles
15. help by the beatles
16. hey jude by the beatles
17. live and let die by guns n' roses (mcm rosak je,x sure)
18. paradise city by guns n' roses
19. dont cry by guns n' roses (yg ni pon cm rosak je,xleh play)
20. knockin' on heaven's door by guns n' roses
21. sweet child of mine by guns n' roses (check out the video, axl rose's hot! haha, gay gile aku)
22. dream on by aerosmith
23. sweet emotion by aerosmith
24. jaded by aerosmith
25. stairway to heaven by led zeppelin (best solo ever!)
26. rising force by yngwie malmsteen

byk gile kan lagu2?

aku byk wat salah.nak mintak maaf byk2.ajal maut di tangan Tuhan.

yeah, HANAHIRD i miss you too.deeply.
sorry for being so sombong on the past few days, tak sedar.cowiiii.

in the end,love prevails.

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