time passes by like raindrops on empty rooftops

morning ray of sun awakens me
a sense of excitement elates me
a new day to the same tragedy
like a broken bone though i feel
but i know this ache is never real
just a test of virtue they say
some time to find a way
to a distance light years away
that the journey seem like a play
and as i look into the sky once blue
my thoughts flew back to you
i think of your pretty eyes of blue
like the once skies of blue
and as if you were near
i can smell your warmness so dear
and my thoughts become clear
so i stood up and ran
this journey must not end
until i have found what is lost
though sometimes i hear a voice
what if it this journey goes on forever?
would you fight for what is dear?
i guess there is no such answer
for there is no such thing
as forever.

i'm dead bored.seriously, so bored i'd rather be dead.then again, if i'm dead i would have wished that i'm alive because being dead is boring too.then i would be saying things like '' damn, i'm alive bored,'' instead of i'm dead bored because i'm already dead.that just proves human beings are merely animals who doesn't know what they really want.

time passes by like raindrops on empty rooftops.so loud and clear.yet so subtle that you can't hear.unless you listen carefully.

i dont know.entahla.
goodnite everyone.

in the end, love prevails.


nadhirah mohd shakri said...

hahahahahha...i'm alive bored!klaka la..huhu...hurm..boring xwat ape2 ek..ciyan nye..

nadhirah mohd shakri said...

kamoo...enjoy ajaa..nnt dh blk indon dh x best cm kt umah dh~ hehe

zahidah said...

i just found out that i can drop comments ere.miahahaha,,,, :P
this poem is fav! fav!