raya is here but i'm not there ( at home )

waduh. waduh.

these days time seems to travel at a pace which can cause neck breaks. sheetsamagic. i blink blink. already a month of fasting. and now it's already hari raya. whoa.

whoa. whoa.

i'm actually a little excited about this year's hari raya. but not the normal euphoric im so happy i'm gonna go faint kind of excitement. nope. it's none of that. im exicitingly unexcited. i'm not saying that i'm not happy. i'm happy,for one reason that i'm still alive and i got through fasting month quite well. it's just that this year i'm not going to celebrate raya with my family. and this happens to be the first. i've never been away from home (it's where my heart is, which is not in hot hot surabaya) on hari raya. hence the excitingly unexcitedness.

waduh. waduh.

one thing that makes raya at home the best is the fact that i'm surrounded with people that knows me best. people that i'm willing to give up my vital organs for. people that i happen to love and be loved back. my family. nothing compares to the happiness and calmness that you get by being at home with mom and dad and brothers and sisters on raya morning. the togetherness is sheer beauty.

whoa. whoa.

no matter how much you pay for a meal at the most expensive restaurant, it will always remain a fact for me that home is you get the best food. especially the food that mom and aunties and uncles and cousins cooked together on the eve of raya at granma's house. ketupat, rendang, kuih lopes cicah air gula melaka, sambal kacang, dodol, wajik, serunding bla bla, you name it. we got it.
it seems that this year i'm going to miss all that. sheets.

waduh. waduh.
but all in all. i'm not sad. why? i don't know. maybe because i personally view this as a test of endurance.haha. endurance la sgt. mcm aku sorang je tak balik kampung. haha.

maybe some of you are wondering why the hell on heaven aku tak balik kampung kali ni. blame airasia. tiket mahal sangat. my mom kate duduk je kat surabaya. study. haha. and also because of the length of the holiday is too short ( 1 week je, tak sempat buat pape dah habis cuti, baik tak payah btol x?)

okla, enough with the sentimental stuff. i think i'm going to be fine. with a little help from my friends and my jantungmaniswanita, im going to be fine. haha.

akhir kata. selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin.

**btw, taun nie, tambah kurang family aku yg beraya kat kampung, abg. aja beraye kat maldives (seorang chef yg berjaya), aku plak beraya kat indon (seorang mahasiswa yang nyawa2 ikan), juge akan berkurang lah bajet makcik2 aku untuk duit raye, suke la diorang tu, dapat saving taun ni.haha.

in the end, love prevails.

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nadhirah mohd shakri said...


hahahahah..cepuk kang..klaka la awk ni..adess...

hehe...sabo ye..kite kn tough!